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Get Bats Out Attic Cleanup is part of a nationwide bat removal company, Get Bats Out. We provide comprehensive attic restoration services for properties that have suffered damage from animal infestations, mold, flooding, or fire.

Get Bats Out Attic Cleanup will clean up your attic and provide complete remediation, eliminating any residual damage or contaminants that could cause further issues to your property or health. In addition, we will work with you to fully restore your attic to its original condition.

Our team of highly skilled technicians will complete your attic cleanup. We service every state from New York to Washington, Indiana to Texas. So no matter where you are, we can help.

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Bat infestation cleanup

Unfortunately, if you have dealt with bats on your property, once the bats are gone, you will have to decide how best to clear up the mess and damage caused. This is a complex task – bat feces can cause severe damage to your building and may harm your health. Histoplasma fungus can grow in a build-up of guano, where the guano is 3 inches deep or more. When the guano is disturbed, the spores spread throughout the air. If the spores are inhaled, they can cause Histoplasmosis respiratory disease, which leads to chronic health problems for some patients. Bat urine can cause staining, which is not only unsightly and may have a foul odor but can also erode the structure of your building. In addition, there may be bat mites present- these tiny parasites are often mistaken for bed bugs. Bat mites (also known as bat bugs) live off bats, so if left in your home after a bat removal, they may move on to pets or humans. Therefore your house may require chemical treatment to eradicate bat mites.

Large pile of bat guano in attic

Get Bats Out Attic Cleanup can provide a complete, expert bat infestation cleanup. We remove the guano and disinfect the area afterward. We remove and replace damaged insulation and drywall. We can advise on whether damage has been done to the structure of your home and address any issues with damage to supporting beams and particle board. We use specialized equipment to clean and test the air for complete Histoplasmosis remediation. We don’t just treat the problem; we can address the source by providing comprehensive bat removal services, including a seal-up of any potential bat-entry points in the exterior of your property.

Attic Cleanup technician cleaning up guano

Bat guano cleanup

When bat guano accumulates and mixes with urine, it causes incredible amounts of damage to the building around it. Bats defecate up to 30 times a day. Therefore, in the aftermath of a bat infestation, there will be a large amount of harmful waste. The mixture of guano and urine can seep through an attic floor and into the ceiling below, ruining insulation and spreading through the sheetrock and chipboard. As bat urine is highly acidic, it will erode even strong materials and has occasionally caused buildings to collapse completely. For these reasons, removing guano is essential to protect your building from irreversible damage. However, as mentioned, bat guano may carry spores causing Histoplasmosis, so it must be dealt with cautiously.

Get Bats Out Attic Cleanup uses expert methods and equipment to clean up this hazardous waste in a way that will restore your building and limit the spread of harmful spores. We wear full PPE and HEPA-equipped respirators and use double heavy-duty plastic bags to collect the waste before transferring it to secure containers for disposal. We also use industrial vacuums with HEPA filters, specially designed to remove contaminated material and trap contaminants so they don’t get re-released into the air. Once the waste is gone, we seal off the area and use antifungal disinfectant to kill any Histoplasma spores completely.

Raccoon feces cleanup

Raccoons are the main host of a harmful roundworm called Baylisascaris procyonis. This is contracted through the ingestion of eggs passed in raccoon feces. Children are more at risk of  getting infected by putting their hands in their mouths after touching dirt. Humans infected with Baylisascaris procyonis can suffer serious symptoms, including nausea, loss of muscle control, liver enlargement, loss of coordination, blindness, and coma. No medication has been found completely effective in fighting this infection. Therefore it is vital to reduce the risks of contact with raccoon feces and to wear PPE, such as gloves and a respirator when clearing up raccoon feces.

A raccoon poking out of the attic of a house

If you find raccoons have been living in your home or have left feces in your home, prompt, thorough clean-up and destruction of the feces can reduce the risks of infection. Get Bats Out Attic Cleanup can provide this service for you.

dirty attic needing attic restoration

Rodent infestation cleanup

A rodent infestation presents a high risk of damage to your property, but in addition, contact with rodents can cause many diseases, including Heptovirus, Leptospirosis, and Rat-Bite Fever, to name a few. Sadly, the symptoms caused by these diseases can be severe and may be fatal. These diseases can be contracted through direct contact with rodents, including with their urine or droppings, or breathing in air contaminated by rodents’ urine or droppings.

If you have had a rodent infestation, Get Bats Out Attic Cleanup can provide safe removal and cleanup of your attic. We will thoroughly disinfect the air and use our air scrubber to remove contaminants. We can also inspect your property and seal up any holes that are potential rodent entry points. Rodents can use even tiny holes to gain entry – for instance, mice can squeeze through a gap the width of a pencil! We have the expertise to ensure your property is rodent-proof, so you don’t need to worry about a re-infestation.

Bird damage restoration

Our attic restoration services can repair damage caused by birds on your property. We will inspect your property and advise of any damage to your insulation, electrical wiring, or anything else. We will remove any debris from bird’s nests. In addition, we will clean up droppings, which, if left, could erode your property. Many are unaware of the health risks of contact with bird droppings. However, fungi such as Cryptococcosis and Histoplasma can grow in accumulations of bird droppings; when the droppings are disrupted, fungal spores are spread into the air. When inhaled, these can cause serious respiratory infections that occasionally are fatal.

birds looking out of hole in roof of attic

Get Bats Out Attic Cleanup use expert cleaning equipment and methods to reduce the spread of harmful spores and ensure a thorough cleanup of bird droppings and disinfection of the area. We also use an air scrubber and conduct air testing afterward so we can have confidence that the air in your attic is safe. As well as damage repair and clean-up, we can inspect the exterior of your property and seal up any gaps to prevent birds from entering your attic again.

Dust particles in attic

Air scrubbing & remediation

As previously mentioned, if you have dealt with an infestation of bats, raccoons, birds, or other rodents in your property, there is a risk of contracting various harmful diseases from contact with droppings, urine, or from contaminated air.

Even after guano or feces cleanup and fungicide / disinfecting treatments, there is a likelihood that harmful spores are still present in the air. Properties requiring mold remediation face the same issue. Even after the mold is cleaned up, mold spores will still be present in the air, which can cause mold to grow again and harm health.

For properties damaged by fire, the smoke particles that spread throughout the home are incredibly harmful to health and should be removed before the house is inhabited again.

Get Bats Out Attic Cleanup uses high-quality air scrubbing machines for thorough histoplasmosis, mold, and smoke remediation. Air scrubbers draw in air, which travels through the machine before it is pumped out again. There are several filters inside the air scrubber which trap contaminants. Smoke particles, Histoplasma fungal spores, and mold spores are tiny; they can be around 2 microns in size or smaller. Particles this small will not be removed by standard air purifiers. However, the filters in our air scrubbing machines are highly effective as they can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns!

Air quality testing

We perform pre and post-cleanup air testing to ensure the air is safe. Our technicians take samples of the air in your attic which then will be sent off to a third-party lab and tested for spores such as mold or Histoplasma Capsulatum.

This process can give you the confidence that your attic has been restored to a healthy environment, no longer posing any risks to you and your household.

Air quality testing machine and technician
Black mold and rot on attic roof

Mold remediation

Mold not only can cause damage to the integral structure of your property but can also cause serious infections, particularly in people with low immune systems. Get Bats Out Attic Cleanup can provide mold remediation. We do more than dry out and clean the affected areas.

We also clean the air of mold spores using an air scrubbing machine and conduct air testing pre and post cleanup, so we can be sure that mold spores have been removed.

Homeowner insurance assistance

If your home has suffered damage, one of the first things you need to find out is whether or not your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the costs. It can be overwhelming to face dealing with your insurance company during this stressful time. However, our insurance coordinators are on hand to take this burden off your shoulders. Based on your policy, we can advise you on what you are owed and liaise directly with your company to get these results.

Professional man looking at insurance documents
An attic with flood damage

Flood Damage Restoration

There are many health risks in cleaning up a property that is damaged by a flood. Flood water can contain harmful chemicals, dirt, even sewage. Harmful bacteria can develop in areas of standing water. Many harmful substances, such as carbon monoxide, lead, and asbestos, can contaminate the air. There will also likely be mold if your home has been wet for 48 hours or more. Breathing in toxic chemicals and mold can cause serious infections. Get Bats Out Attic Cleanup can perform thorough flood damage restoration, to remove flood water, assess the damage to your property and repair building materials. We can perform thorough mold remediation, and conduct air quality testing post-cleanup.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fires can cause massive damage to your home. Once the fire has been extinguished, the task starts restoring your property. Get Bat’s Out Attic Cleanup can assess and repair damage to your building. We have the specialized equipment necessary to perform a thorough decontamination, to remove smoke and soot particles that can be extremely damaging to your furniture, causing permanent staining unless removed, and to your health.

An attic hatch with fire damage

Why hire professionals for Attic Cleanup?

If you have had wild animals nesting or roosting in your property, it is vital you be extremely careful when removing animal feces, as it can carry harmful diseases. Particular caution when dealing with the after-effects of bats or raccoons in your house is advised, as bat guano may contain harmful fungal spores, which can cause a severe respiratory infection, Histoplasmosis.

In addition, contact with Racoon Feces can cause Baylisascaris infection. Therefore, standard cleaning methods are not enough to dispose of bat and raccoon feces and urine . Get Bats Out Attic Cleanup use specialized equipment and specific techniques that minimize the risk of spreading disease. Our technicians use anti-fungal disinfectant to sanitize the area and an air scrubbing machines with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters to capture harmful bacteria and spores.

In addition, we conduct air quality testing pre-clean and post-clean so that you can have confidence that no dangerous spores remain in your home.

Does Homeowners Insurance cover Attic Restoration?

Every homeowner’s situation, insurance company, and policy is different; therefore, we cannot guarantee your insurance company will pay for your attic restoration work. However, our insurance team has succeeded in helping many of our clients get the FULL coverage they are entitled to from their homeowner’s insurance policy.

Our experienced insurance coordinators can give you valuable advice on what you should avoid saying or doing when speaking with your provider and how best to communicate with them to get you the results you are entitled to. We can even liaise with your insurance provider on your behalf. Our insurance team uses Xactimate, the industry-standard software all major insurance companies use to provide damage restoration / clean up estimates.

Our specialists are licensed to place bids and negotiate with your insurance provider through this platform. With an in-depth knowledge of insurance and attic damage restoration, we are in the best position to get the result YOU deserve from your company.

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